Because your family deserves the best, ONE Family Governance will share its unique experience, knowledge depth and solutions breadth.

Whether, you are at the beginning of your reflections or have already an established set up, we will support you throughout your journey.

One Family Governance will assist you and your advisors to find the best solution that fits your family’s objectives, in order to nurture, protect and grow your family wealth for generations.


Family Governance

Family Strategy – Values & Wealth

The beginning of a meaningful journey starts by identifying its objectives. Identifying and aligning the family to short term, long term and/or multi-genenerational objectives. Our established and proven signature approach will guide you in establishing your family purpose.

Family Philanthropy & Social Impact

Most families feel the moral necessity and responsibility to give back. More so, the next generation are increasingly sensitive to making a positive impact. We strongly believe that Philanthropy plays a key role as we strive to use it beyond the societal impact but also to integrate it in the family. We have designed a unique process which aligns the family purposes around philanthropy.

Family Organisation & Single Family Office design

Establishing an effective architecture, because the only complexity a family should face is the one of creating its own simple and effective structures. From council, boards to committees, creating the right family platform architecture. From designing to creating an institutional family office or/and investment office that will empower and enable your family’s objectives to live.


Investment & Operational Governance

Creating an institutional platform by defining an appropriate investment structure and clear objectives whilst aligning the family understanding. As well as, insuring that the investments fuel the family’s investment purpose.


Family Education

Knowledge and sharing is a the forefront of any transition, whether personal or as a family. We provide a number of interactive workshops, for families but also for professionals or academics, as well as moderation services, for family assembly’s or educational programs.